Access to safe water is a right, not a privilege.

When a child has access to clean water close to home, they can go to school, learn, play with their friends and have a childhood. But millions of children spend hours every day walking to collect water. The jerry cans children carry are usually heavy – often around 20kg.

This daily routine can take over children’s lives. They dread walking such long distances taking them far away from their homes. They miss out on school, risking their futures. Unicef and our partners are working tirelessly so that by 2030 no child has to walk more than 30 minutes round trip to get water.

By taking time out of your day to do the Water Walk, you – and those you share your experiences with – can better understand the challenges children who walk for water every day face. The money you raise will make a huge impact on the lives of children who deserve a better childhood.

With your support, Unicef will continue to tackle this global issue, creating long-term solutions and giving all children hope for a happy future.

How Unicef helps

Unicef is working to improve children’s access to water in more than a hundred countries. We are also determined to ensure the water children are drinking is clean and safe, and that they can use proper sanitation facilities.

For children, having access to these things is about more than just saving time. It’s also about their health – dirty water is a major source of deadly diseases. And it’s about their dignity – children have the right to grow up in a clean and safe environment.

Unicef goes beyond providing basic services. We focus on building systems that last. We introduce technologies such as solar water pumps and flood-resistant toilets, so that communities are equipped for emergencies.

Find out more about Unicef’s vital work in this area.

About Unicef

Unicef works to build a better world for every child, everywhere, every day. We help more children than any other humanitarian organisation. We keep them safe when war or disaster strike. We provide life-saving food, clean water and vaccines. We protect children, giving them a safe place to laugh and play. We help children into school and give them the chance of a better future.

Thanks to your support through Water Walk, we will continue our vital work delivering incredible things for children. Together, we’re making the world a safer place for every child.