Here are a few of our top tips to make your Water Walk fundraising easy.

Share shamelessly online

Sharing your fundraising page online along with photos of your Water Walk is hands down the easiest way for you to raise money and awareness. Here are some of the basics to remember when sharing:

  • Use the #WaterWalk and #UnicefUK hashtags
  • Tag your friends if you are walking with them
  • Try posting a swealfie (sweaty selfie!)
  • Use some inspiring facts from our Why Water Walk page to show the impact donations can have

To give you some ideas, we’ve pulled together our favourite funny, clever and inspiring posts.

Make a splash fundraising in real life

Fundraising ideas to get you started:
  • Power bake-sale — Protein balls anyone? Why not have a classic bake sale with a twist.
  • Hydration station — Grab some fresh mint or cucumber and set up a flavoured water bar at work for small donations.
  • Chores Squeeze extra cash out of friends and family by doing the shopping, walking the dog or mowing the lawn – it can all count towards your Water Walk.
  • Try a quiz or do a sweep stake — How many steps will you take to complete the challenge? How heavy are your water bottles?

Download these handy printouts

Daily log

To track your progress each day.


Put them up at work to raise awareness the old-school way.

Walking bibs

Wear these while you walk to spread the word and be spotted by fellow Water Walkers!

Do the easy stuff to max your fundraising

  • Set a fundraising target and update it on your fundraising page. £100 is a good minimum, but aim as high as you can!
  • Some companies will match the money their employees fundraise. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  • Cash donations are cool too — check out our FAQs for info on how to send in cash.
  • Gift Aid see our FAQs for how to get an extra 25% added to your money raised.